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In clean rooms (as well as gray rooms), soiling of the product is reduced to a defined level. For example, VDA 19 and ISO 16232 specify which residual dirt requirements must be met with regard to technical cleanliness (TecSa) or cleanliness level (SaS).

The basic structure of a cleanroom is therefore no different from other cleanrooms (such as technical cleanrooms), in which the number of airborne particles is reduced by filtering the supply air.

However, cleanrooms are classified in the lower cleanroom classes: This means that the requirements for the necessary cleanliness are not as strict as for medical cleanrooms, for example. This greatly reduces the construction costs for the cleanroom.

In accordance with these standards, we are happy to offer you a customized solution:

  • Clean room manufactured cost-effectively and according to your requirements
  • Separate cleanliness-oriented areas
  • Various equipment options available for the cleanroom

If you have any questions about which requirements apply to your sector, please contact us directly. As experienced cleanroom experts, we at PETEK will be happy to help you. We at PETEK will be happy to provide you with a consultation. We will find the perfect solution for your cleanroom to meet your requirements.