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G4 prefilters

The quality of our prefilters is characterized by high dust storage capacity with low pressure difference. The advantage of the G4 prefilter is safe disposal thanks to low release of pollutants on incineration in household waste incineration plants. The G4 prefilter has a very wide range of applications in the field of commercial, industrial and domestic installation.


H14 particulate/fine dust filters

Our HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air/Arrectance) according to EN 1822:2009 consist of an extruded aluminum frame, PU seal and double-sided grip protection. The HEPA filter achieves separation efficiencies of up to 99.995% and is used in cleanroom technology with the highest requirements. Typical areas of application are the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food industries and operating rooms in hospitals. HEPA filter versions are available with flat seals and knife edge seals

  • Compliance with cleanroom classes
  • Factory filter scanning test
  • Filters including test certificate
  • Standard and special sizes according to customer requirements
  • HEPA filter versions with flat seal and knife edge seal available

H14 HEPA filters/particulate filters

are used to separate suspended particles such as viruses, aerosols, germs, toxic dusts, etc. A highly efficient micro glass fiber paper is used as the filter medium. The large surface area reduces the inflow velocity, which supports diffusion separation of the submicron particles. The pleat spacing using threads made of special hotmelt adhesives provides high stability and a very uniform pleat geometry. The design facilitates laminar flow.

G4 pre-filters/filter cells

represent an alternative to filter mats. Glass fiber and synthetic media are used as filter media. Our frame material is made of moisture resistant cardboard. In order to achieve a larger filtration area and thus a greater dust storage capacity, the filter medium is folded in a Z-shape. This so-called pleating increases the filter area by a factor of 2.5.

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Thomas Dombrowski

Purchasing/Sales Filters & Spare Parts

Thomas Dombrowski

Purchasing/Sales Filters & Spare Parts

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