Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project

Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project


Do you have a question or would you like to request a bespoke solution?
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Cleanroom bench


At PETEK you can have made-to-measure benches developed for your cleanroom, made to precise dimensions in accordance with your individual wishes. This means it is no problem for you to have us install storage spaces, dispensers, media supplies or even integrated items like washbasins or extraction fans for you.

PETEK cleanroom benches can be produced entirely or partially from white polypropylene (PP). They offer extremely high resistance to chemicals and cleaning fluids – all with a perfect price-performance ratio. Benches from PETEK, perfect for every cleanroom:

  • made-to-measure
  • resistant to chemicals
  • adapted to suit your needs

Laminar air flow bench


For many years, PETEK has prioritised efficiency in terms of expense, cost, and yield: This is also very evident in our laminar flow workplaces. You see, it is not always necessary to plan and implement an entire cleanroom to perform an activity in a clean and controlled environment.
A laminar flow workplace from PETEK makes it possible to perform individual process steps cost-effectively and, above all, economically in terms of space, all under controlled conditions. Through integrated use in the cleanroom, it is even possible locally to assure higher classes of cleanroom in individual work areas. The advantages of laminar flow workplaces from PETEK:

  • specifically tailored to suit your application
  • many equipment options
  • as a table attachment or a turnkey solution

Here at PETEK, we can give you professional advice, and we can plan and produce this laminar flow standalone solution, tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.


A safe area for working

A digestorium (also known as a laboratory chapel) is a segregated area or a defined space, similar to a laminar flow workplace. With a digestorium you are therefore also able to handle fragile materials or products in a segregated, protected area.

With a digestorium from PETEK, you are voting for safe quality and great efficiency:

  • freely configurable
  • optimised for noise and application
  • produced flush-fitting and therefore easy to clean

The central advantage of a digestorium is defined by its segregated function: In contrast to laminar flow workplaces, with a digestorium, (or a laboratory chapel), cleanroom air does not flow into the surrounding area but is instead extracted in a targeted manner or directed back after filtration.

Do you have questions about possible fields of application or about individual design solutions? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us – the experienced cleanroom specialists from PETEK are always personally interested in what you have to say.


Work safely with critical substances

Gloveboxes provide a protected way of handling particular products in a self-contained cleanroom environment. This room can be sealed hermetically and in a gas-tight way. In particular for very sensitive or hazardous substances, it is advisable to use gloveboxes with which working processes can be performed in a defined atmosphere:

  • for critical substances & sensitive products
  • protection of personnel
  • individually designable

Depending on requirements, we here at PETEK can work with you to plan and design the entire working area in which one or more gloveboxes are used. As experienced experts for bespoke cleanroom solutions, we can also design this in an extendable way, and can advise you about other peripherals.

With PETEK gloveboxes, you are placing your confidence in the very highest and proven Made in Germany quality, and in an experienced personal partner for all questions relating to work processes that require the very highest standards of cleanliness.

Standalone solutions

A cleanroom where you need it

It is not always possible or meaningful in production units to install complete cleanroom areas; with segregated standalone solutions from PETEK you can create special places within your production infrastructure in which, for example, workpieces can be processed, measured, checked or packaged that require a higher class of cleanroom than the rest of the production area.

Media pillars

A transparent solutions

Our media pillars help you to bundle media connections such as electricity, air, water etc. into a central location and to arrange them in a clearly laid-out manner. This enables you to see the big picture and also to arrange control and operating elements in a user-friendly way. In addition, with central media pillars from PETEK, the cleaning of your cleanroom is simplified greatly. The advantages of our tried and tested media pillars at a glance:

  • all media bundled tidily in a clearly laid out manner
  • ease of cleaning
  • individually designable
  • great expandability

Media pillars from PETEK can be expanded to any degree and can be designed specifically to meet your requirements.Talk to us here at PETEK, the cleanroom specialists. We will be pleased to assist you and shall find the solution together that is a perfect match with your needs.