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Cleanroom workbench


At PETEK, you have the opportunity to work with us to develop customized work tables for your cleanroom that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements. This means that we can easily integrate shelves, dispensers, media supplies or fixtures such as cleaning basins or extraction systems.

PETEK cleanroom workbenches can be made entirely or only partially from white polypropylene (PP). They offer extremely high resistance to chemicals and cleaning fluids – at a perfect price-performance ratio. Work tables from PETEK, perfect for any cleanroom:

  • Made to measure
  • Chemically resistant
  • customized to your needs

Laminar Air Flow workbench


Efficiency in terms of effort, costs and yield has been an important principle at PETEK for years: this is also evident in our laminar flow workstations. After all, it is not always necessary to plan and implement an entire cleanroom in order to carry out an activity in a clean and controlled environment.
A laminar flow workstation from PETEK offers the opportunity to carry out individual process steps under controlled conditions in a cost-effective and, above all, space-saving manner. Integrated use in the cleanroom even makes it possible to guarantee higher cleanroom classes locally in individual work areas. The advantages of laminar flow workstations from PETEK:

  • Specially tailored to your application
  • Many equipment options
  • as a table-top attachment or complete solution

We at PETEK provide you with expert advice and plan and manufacture this laminar flow island solution tailored to your individual requirements.


A safe area to work in

A digestorium (also known as a laboratory chapel) is a partitioned area or defined space similar to a laminar flow workstation. With a digestorium, you therefore have the option of trading sensitive substances or products in a separate, protected area.

With a PETEK digestorium, you can rely on reliable quality and high efficiency:

  • Freely configurable
  • Noise- and application-optimized
  • manufactured flush with the surface and therefore easy to clean

The main advantage of a digestorium lies in its separate function: unlike laminar flow workstations, the cleanroom air in a digestorium (or laboratory chapel) does not flow into the surrounding area, but is specifically extracted or filtered and returned.

Do you have questions about possible areas of application or individual design solutions? Then don’t hesitate to contact us directly – the experienced rhyming room specialists at PETEK are always there for you personally.


Working safely with critical substances

Gloveboxes offer the possibility of handling special products in a closed cleanroom environment. This room can be hermetically sealed and gas-tight. The use of gloveboxes is particularly recommended for very sensitive or hazardous substances, with which work processes can be carried out in a defined atmosphere:

  • for critical substances & sensitive products
  • Protection of personnel
  • Can be designed individually

Depending on your requirements, we at PETEK plan and design the entire work area with you, in which one or more
gloveboxes are used. As experienced experts for customized cleanroom solutions, we can also
and can also advise you on further peripherals.

With gloveboxes from PETEK, you can rely on the very highest and proven quality “Made in Germany” and a personal, experienced partner for all questions relating to work processes that require the utmost cleanliness.

Isolated solutions

Clean room where you need it

It is not always possible or sensible to install complete cleanroom areas in production units; with delimited island solutions from PETEK, you can create special places in your production infrastructure where, for example, workpieces are processed, measured, checked or packaged that require a higher cleanroom class than the rest of the production area.

Media columns

A clear solution

Our media columns help you to bundle media connections such as electricity, air, water etc. in a central location and organize them clearly. Not only do you always have an overview, but you can also arrange control and operating elements in a user-friendly way. In addition, central media columns from PETEK make cleaning your cleanroom environment much easier. The advantages of our tried-and-tested media columns at a glance:

  • All media neatly and clearly bundled
  • Easy cleaning
  • Can be designed individually
  • High expandability

PETEK media columns can be extended as required and can be designed specifically to meet your requirements. Contact us, the cleanroom specialists at PETEK will be happy to help you and work with you to find the solution that suits you perfectly.