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Would it be presumptuous to claim that we also play a part in the high quality of our customers’ products and services?

After all, cleanroom technology from PETEK ensures cleanliness in production processes and workplaces in a wide variety of places.
At PETEK, we have always geared our cleanroom technology to the specific requirements of our customers. To this day, customization to the requirements of specific production processes and industries remains one of PETEK’s key strengths. Cleanroom technology from PETEK is more than just products: It is a holistic system consisting of personal advice, proven cleanroom solutions and ongoing service. This is how we continue to develop and underline our claim every day:


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Cleanroom technology: what does it mean?

Cleanroom technology covers all systems and components that are used for the planning, installation, operation, maintenance and further development of cleanrooms.
The basis for the application of cleanroom technology is an inventory that sheds light on the individual working and production conditions of companies. This raises questions such as:
Is cleanroom technology necessary for my production processes?
What level of cleanliness must my cleanroom technology deliver?
What is the most efficient way to equip my infrastructure with cleanroom technology?
Individual cleanroom technology concepts are then developed on this basis. We at PETEK are the experienced specialists and leaders in the field of tailor-made cleanroom solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Who needs cleanroom technology?

Cleanroom technology is necessary for a wide variety of production, work or assembly processes where there are increased requirements for cleanliness. This applies to a variety of application areas and industries, such as plastic injection molding technology, electronics manufacturing, automotive, the food industry, packaging technology and others.
The degree of cleanliness required can vary right up to sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology or semiconductor technology, where clean rooms with maximum cleanliness requirements, including sterility, apply. Different regulations and standards govern the permissible levels of contamination (i.e. air particles or germs in the room).


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What is included in the cleanroom technology?

Professionally implemented cleanroom technology not only includes the installation of a suitable cleanroom, a laminar flow module, a laminar flow box, a cleanroom tent, etc. Rather, cleanroom technology is understood as a comprehensive system that includes the necessary components as well as the upstream and downstream peripherals.
This begins with system planning, taking into account process routes, air flow paths, personnel and material processes. It also concerns the design and system planning as well as the actual installation and implementation of the cleanroom, including the necessary measuring procedures to validate compliance with the required guidelines.
Upstream and downstream units such as cleanrooms and gray rooms or material and personnel airlocks are also taken into account as part of a comprehensive concept for cleanroom technology, as are the necessary components such as washbasins, disinfectants and much more.

Clean work
- clear processes.

The Petek system.

1. consulting Together with our customers, we first analyze their individual requirements and work with them to define suitable solutions.

2. Technical planning The next step is concrete planning, which is based on the working and production conditions of our customers.

3. design Our team of experienced designers implements the cleanroom concept in the specific infrastructure of our customers: Precisely and efficiently.

4. production The clean room and the components required for it are largely manufactured in-house: Reliable quality “Made in Germany”.

5. assembly The cleanroom solution, including all peripheral components, is tested for functionality and professionally assembled and installed on the customer’s premises.

6. COMMISSIONING AND QUALIFICATION The cleanrooms are commissioned, tested and qualified at your premises according to your specifications, taking into account the applicable regulations.

7. service/maintenance After commissioning
we will continue to provide you with reliable support for system maintenance or further developments.