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Air conditioning & Refrigeration technology

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Cleanroom full-service provider with its own Air conditioning and refrigeration technology

Consistent quality of the environmental parameters is essential for the protection of sensitive processes and products. We take care of the individual design of the air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration technology in the cleanroom and combine all critical parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and volume flows, in an intelligent air management system.

State-of-the-art air conditioning technology

Only the latest technology and proven components are used, regardless of whether standard ducted units or complex systems in precision air conditioning units are required.

We pay particular attention to energy-saving and efficient solutions that keep investment costs manageable, reduce operating costs to a minimum and minimize emissions.


  • Air conditioning systems
  • Active ventilation and air extraction
  • Energy recovery
  • Extraction systems
  • Inspection, maintenance and service

Air filtration and process reliability

for freedom from particles and very tight climate tolerances

Cleanroom technology is a special field of air conditioning technology, as the products and processes that cleanroom technology uses for quality assurance as a production environment usually require very tight climate tolerances in addition to the absence of particles. In addition, the absence of particles is achieved through air filtration and high air exchange rates, while different cleanroom zones are achieved through a controlled pressure regime.

PETEK is one of the leading specialists in the design and construction of cleanroom systems and offers innovative air conditioning and control systems as well as floor, wall and ceiling systems in this area. PETEK has been successfully designing and building cleanroom systems for over thirty years.

Climate products & services

Over 30 years of experience, innovative, customer-oriented

  • Design and implementation planning
  • Project management and site management
  • Supply and installation of air conditioning and cleanroom systems for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food production, microelectronics and micromechanics industries
  • Technical general contractor for technical building systems
  • Development and production of:
    • Cleanroom wall and ceiling systems
    • Fan Filter Units (FFU’s)
    • Laminar flow units
    • Material and personnel locks
    • Doors / Sliding doors
  • Qualification of delivered and installed systems, maintenance and customer service