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Solutions for the industry

Similar to some medical technology products or articles for the pharmaceutical industry, there are other technical areas of application, such as in the automotive sector, electronics and optoelectronics, IT and processor technology, semiconductor production, vacuum technology, wet process technology and others, in which high and maximum cleanliness (so-called “high purity”) is required during production. Technical cleanrooms from PETEK are the means of choice for this, whether in plant engineering, plastics processing (e.g. plastic injection molding), CNC manufacturing processes (turning, milling) and many more.

PETEK’s services for technical cleanrooms

  • planned and implemented according to your requirements profile
  • Alignment with the latest guidelines, standards and specifications
  • Tailor-made and space-optimized for your production process
  • Various equipment options available
  • Low maintenance, as only the best components are used

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