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For decades, PETEK has been one of the leading companies when it comes to PLANNING, CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF CUSTOMIZED INDIVIDUAL ROOMS.

From medical cleanrooms and technical cleanrooms to peripheral areas such as cleanrooms and gray rooms to personnel and material airlocks, you are always at the right address with us.

Customers from the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries rely on cleanroom solutions from PETEK, as do automotive, mechanical engineering, plastics production, packaging technology, the food industry, research and laboratory technology, as well as companies involved in complex surface technology.

As different as the requirements and sectors may be, one thing remains the same – and that is PETEK’s claim: CLEAN SOLUTIONS. ALWAYS.

Stellenanzeige Konstrukteur

DRRI Certification

Member of the German Cleanroom Institute e.V.

40 years of experience

Highest standards in quality, precision & innovative development of complex solutions.



Who cover everything they need for their solutions in-house.



In-house production – almost everything from a single source!



In the year – 65% of which was realized internationally.



Customer loyalty on average or longer – you’re safe with us!

Why Petek Cleanroom?

Find out why we are the best Providers for cleanrooms are

Complete solutions

A comprehensive service consisting of professional advice & proven cleanroom solutions for your individual projects.

Qualified team

Expertise and experience combined with values – values that each individual in the PETEK team embodies and lives by in their own unique way.

Production & Development

Tailor-made and efficient design and production largely in-house: reliable quality “Made in Germany”.

Highest quality & service

The PETEK team is at your disposal for regular service work in accordance with the necessary maintenance intervals.


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