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Cleanroom furniture

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For a clean zone separation

A SitOver (also known as a step-over bench) is mainly used to separate zones in the personnel airlock. Thanks to in-house construction, PETEK manufactures these and other items of lock furniture to fit you exactly, making them flush and easy to clean with walls and other furnishings. In addition to shoe compartments, other practical details such as waste garbage cans, compartments for disposable items or cabinets for cleaning utensils can also be integrated into the SitOver from PETEK.

As PETEK furniture for cleanroom areas is made of white polypropylene, these sturdy constructions offer not only a first-class “clean” appearance but also excellent resistance to all disinfectants. They are easier to clean than stainless steel constructions and eliminate the disadvantages of solid core or laminated wood panels, i.e. no particles can be released or areas for germ growth can develop in the event of damage or wear. This means you are always on the safe side with PETEK.
SitOver from PETEK: simple and good – simply good!

  • Designed to meet requirements and fit precisely
  • Flexible use
  • Easy to clean
  • Clean, elegant look
  • Resistant to solvents and chemicals

Dispenser system

Clear, clean, practical

Dispensing systems from PETEK for the healthcare industry and other applications where cleanliness is essential: For gloves, hoods, face masks and many other items, we at PETEK offer customized, in-house manufactured solutions for dispenser systems based on your requirements and preferred packaging sizes.

They are made of the ideal material polypropylene white and are available as individual dispensers or as space-saving combinations, e.g. as a dispenser tower in conjunction with a SitOver from PETEK.

With PETEK dispenser systems you are fully equipped:

  • Optimal supply and overview
  • Modular, flexible, interchangeable and customizable
  • Easy to clean and disinfect


hygiene for the hands

Personal hygiene plays an important role when working in a cleanroom and in product protection. PETEK’s touch-free hand washbasins offer the best conditions for this in your personnel airlock. Customization and a wide range of designs, for example as a niche or multiple washbasin, make them ideal for use in confined spaces or for retrofitting.

We at PETEK also manufacture these in-house, just like our airlock furniture, from the ideally suited material polypropylene white and supplement them with useful accessories according to your requirements and wishes.

Washbasins from PETEK: Cleanliness and hygiene for working in cleanrooms:

  • Easy to clean
  • Suspended or free-standing
  • Available with lifting systems or boilers
  • Integration of additional accessories possible


Always perfectly tidy

We at PETEK offer you the option of designing the changing area of your personnel airlock according to your wishes. As with our wardrobe solutions: These can be open areas with hooks, coat rails, cabinets or other systems. Of course, we also take into account the safe separation of cleanroom garments from factory or gray room garments.

PETEK’s customized solutions, manufactured in-house according to the individual requirements of our customers, guarantee the best possible utilization even where space is limited.
Checkrooms for your cleanroom – from PETEK, of course:

  • Made to measure
  • ventilated, open or as a cabinet
  • Various equipment options