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Dust cover & hood

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Targeted protection against dust and dirt

Depending on the application, machining process and product, protection against dust and soiling can be achieved with a customized dust cover. Thanks to our in-house design and production, we are able to specifically protect open production areas from dirt and contamination.

PETEK dust protection hoods are also often used to supply extremely dry air to the sealed-off tool chamber, which prevents condensation from forming on the cooled tool.

The advantages of PETEK dust covers at a glance:

  • Individually adapted and optimum accessibility
  • Retrofitting of cleanroom components possible
  • Air conditioning and supply air conditioning easily possible
  • Can be realized comparatively quickly and cost-effectively

Are you interested in dust covers from PETEK? We are happy to offer you a customized and space-saving solution that also ensures accessibility to all important machine components.