Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project

Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project

Cleanroom technology with vision

Cleanroom Technology from PETEK

Innovative, a perfect fit, tried-and-tested - for customers from all sectors

Cleanroom Technology from PETEK

Innovative, a perfect fit, tried-and-tested - for customers from all sectors


Clean solutions: Made-to-measure and efficient

As a leading company for innovative cleanroom technology, PETEK is in great demand as a partner in many sectors, from medical technology and pharmaceuticals to automotive, the plastics processing industry, the food industry, packaging technology, to research and science.

Our solution is as perfect a fit as our customers and their solutions are varied and different. This is why we here at PETEK always have an eye on optimum technical performance – after all, many of our customers operate in sectors where the need for maximum cleanliness brooks no compromises. At the same time, the efficiency of an implemented solution is always important to us: Sometimes, great things can be achieved with small things.

It is precisely this link between technological aspiration and personal commitment that has made the staff at PETEK into what they are today: THE CLEANROOM EXPERTS.

How can we make your world a clean place?

You see, these are the clean solutions that move the world forward ...

Cleanliness is not always just a question of good taste. In the areas where we here at PETEK operate, cleanliness is always also associated with safety, as well as with quality and efficiency.
PETEK is one of the leading companies for cleanroom technology. Our products are versatile, flexible and adaptable to individual needs – short version: we always have a clean-cut solution. No surprise then that customers from a vast array of progressive sectors have for many years been committed to using our cleanrooms and our expertise in consultancy support: medical technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, the food industry and a great deal more. The requirements of these customers give us our impetus. We are engaged in ceaseless development for them, and together with them.



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As an expert for innovative cleanroom technology, we are called upon wherever the demands on cleanliness in production processes countenance no compromises. Clean solutions since 1982.
That is PETEK.

The PETEK system

1. Consulting Together with our customers, we start out with an analysis of individual requirements and then we define appropriate solutions on a joint basis with yourselves.

2. Technical Planning The next step is the specific planning that is guided by the working and production conditions of our customers.

3. Design Our team of experienced designers implements the cleanroom concepts of our customers into specific infrastructure: made-to-measure and efficient.

4. Production The cleanroom and the components needed for it are for the most part produced by us in-house: Dependable quality, “Made in Germany”.

5. Assembly Each cleanroom solution together with all of its peripheral components is tested for functional integrity 
and is then assembled and installed professionally on the premises of our customer.

6. Start-up & Qualification In accordance with your specifications 
and taking due account of prevailing regulations, our 
cleanrooms are commissioned, tested & qualified on your premises.

7. Service & Maintenance After start-up we are still your reliable partner for the maintenance of your systems, or for further developments.

This is something you can rely upon:

Latest news from the world of PETEK

Our current news

This is still a long way from being a spring clean ... Over the last few weeks we here at PETEK have been hard at work clearing up our storage facilities. Now we still have a few items and discontinued stock balances that we would like to sell as rapidly as possible.
With this transition of responsibility for the company to these new hands, it was also time to update the corporate image comprehensively – with a new logo and a design facelift.
For PETEK, 2020 is a milestone in its company history: Two gentlemen now share the helm of this cleanroom specialist - Nikolaus Kerssenbrock and Florian Laube.

The joy of cleanliness

Why working at PETEK is such a cool thing to do.

Our goal is always to develop appropriate cleanroom solutions for our customers.
However, there are different ways of getting there, and this is what makes working at PETEK so exciting!

Victor Eks (Production & Assembly)

Metal, plastic, pharmaceuticals, medicine, electrical engineering and a great deal more – the field of cleanroom technology is extremely versatile and is always innovative. At PETEK, I can experience that on a daily basis.

Patrick Keller (Plastics Fitter’s Shop)