Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project

Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project


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Pharma & Medical

For quality without compromise

At PETEK, we are already very familiar indeed with these high requirements, from the initial layouting including the devising of zone concepts, to the full management and implementation of a project to GMP guidelines. Of course, PETEK will be pleased to provide you with full qualification for its solutions and turnkey cleanrooms.


for worldwide mobility

The automotive sector is an extremely dynamic one, and faces huge cost pressures combined with the demand for ultimate quality. We here at PETEK can offer optimum solutions for grey room, controlled area, and cleanroom requirements as well as for issues relating to waste material, e.g. in accordance with VDA 19.

Optical industry

for the very highest aspirations

Whether for the manufacture, processing or installation of optical components, you can also benefit from the many years of experience that PETEK has in this sector. Cleanroom solutions for coatings and lens manufacture using the injection moulding process: Just two examples of our many successful projects for this sector.

Surface technology
& painting

for perfect surfaces

You may be striving for the ultimate quality in processes such as IMD, IML, coating or painting – in every case, you can benefit from our experience in the implementation of painting or coating systems, and our turnkey solutions for injection moulding processes. Of course, PETEK has also successfully completed a large number of film processing projects, thermoforming being just one example.

Precision engineering
& electronic

for absolute precision

PETEK began working with the manufacture of semiconductors. On this basis, we have also been developing specialist solutions for almost 40 years, e.g. for micro-injection moulding, handling, installation, inspection, and packaging of highly sensitive components.

Food & Packaging

for optimum hygiene

In many packaging processes, especially in the food sector, absolute cleanliness is essential to prevent the contamination of foods and other goods. To comply with legislative stipulations and to create an absolutely clean packaging process, PETEK provides very specialist cleanroom solutions.

Special sectors

Your sector – our solution!

Even in sectors where the requirement for cleanroom technology may initially appear to be totally unnecessary, PETEK already has a track record for helping customers with our extremely comprehensive expertise. For example with a recycler for waste materials. Talk to us!

In most sectors we are the leading brand for cleanroom technology

Without a doubt, a little understatement never did any harm. Nevertheless, we here at PETEK are genuinely proud of what we have achieved over the years. Which is to have become nothing less than the top partner for countless sectors and companies in the cleanroom sector.

The “go-to” specialist for high-quality, efficient and made-to-measure cleanroom solutions – that is PETEK!
Not that we are content to rest on our laurels – quite the reverse is true. We wish to continue providing our customers, drawn from an immense range of different sectors, with pioneering, safe and efficient solutions that add value. To achieve this, we continue with ceaseless development work.With our customers, for our customers.

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