Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project

Short manufacturing routes in the EU

Reliable partner for cleanroom technology since 1982

Individual solutions for your project


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Training courses

Personal and individual

In most cases, the job is not done simply because a cleanroom has been installed on your premises: You need to learn how to work properly with the cleanroom, as well as the rules of conduct in cleanrooms. This can cover a wide range of topics, such as

  • procedures and transitions between cleanroom and sterile room / grey room
  • Installation of a security gate for personnel or materials
  • Employee training for work in the cleanroom
  • Expansion or reduction in size of the cleanroom
  • Procedures between production and packaging/dispatch

For this reason, we here at PETEK offer a range of different training courses, tailored precisely to suit the individual cleanroom situation in the company.

Are you interested in a PETEK training course, or do you have any questions about the installation and operation of your cleanroom? If so, you are welcome to contact us, and the PETEK team will be pleased to help you with whatever you may need.


From experienced experts

Cleanrooms are an elementary building block in the provision of quality and safety for process-based operations in industrial contexts, as well as in research environments and other fields of application.

Also, there are cleanrooms and cleanrooms – there are a great many implementation options. During up-front consulting support, it is not uncommon for questions to arise, or for clarification to be required, and here are some examples:

  • Do I need a complete cleanroom, or would something like a cleanroom tent be sufficient for me?
  • How do I equip workplaces or entire rooms with cleanroom solutions?
  • Which laminar flow solution makes the most sense for me?
  • What is the best way of installing security gates for materials and personnel?

We here at PETEK endeavour to devise very efficient and trend-setting solutions for our customers. This is why, as a leading company for cleanroom solutions, we are always pleased to provide personal advice on the strength of our expertise – and are always more than willing to visit your premises to do so.


For made-to-measure designs

As well as a vast array of products associated with cleanrooms, we at PETEK can also contribute relevant design services. This enables us to ensure that our cleanroom solutions fit perfectly into your company premises or your building layout.

Particularly in industrial production environments such as plastic injection moulding machines, technical cleanrooms from PETEK can be integrated and installed directly into a system of machines.

This calls for precise design planning. PETEK is always delighted to assist you in this field with our team of experienced engineers and our in-depth expertise from a countless number of successful projects for a tremendous variety of customers and sectors.

Service & Maintenance

PETEK is always there for you

Regular servicing and maintenance is the key to the reliable operation of cleanrooms and the functionality of the parts & components used in them. Not infrequently, these maintenance processes are also relevant to compliance with standards and approval procedures.

Especially in industrial production complexes with high-volume output levels, in particularly sensitive sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology and food but also in the context of manual workplaces and other fields of application for cleanrooms, the provision of proactive service support is therefore strongly advisable.

The PETEK team is not only there to support you with regular service work in accordance with scheduled maintenance intervals – we can also conduct in-depth inspections of your cleanroom facilities to ensure that they continue to function safely and reliably.

Replacement filters

Always perfectly provided for with PETEK

As one of the leading companies for bespoke cleanroom technology for its individual customers, PETEK has a highly capable package of products associated with atmospheric air filtration. Our solutions in the filter technology sector are directed towards keeping processes clean and efficient, while also being as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.

This explains why we here at PETEK are always pleased to provide you with replacement filters.
Do you need a new filter, or a replacement for your existing filter? Get in touch with us. At PETEK, we will certainly have exactly the right solution for you.