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Security gate equipment

Do you have a question or would you like to request a bespoke solution?
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Security gate

Do you have a question or would you like to request a bespoke solution?
We are delighted to be there for you!

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For clean segregation between zones

A sitover (also known as a transition bench) is used primarily to segregate zones in personnel security gates. Because all of design work at PETEK is performed in-house, we can produce these and other items of security gate furniture precisely to your measurements which means that they fit flush with walls and other items of equipment – which makes them easy to clean. As well as shoe compartments, we can also integrate other practical details such as waste bins, compartments for disposables or cabinets for cleaning utensils in each PETEK SitOver.

Since PETEK manufactures all its furniture items for cleanroom areas from white polypropylene (PP), these robust designs not only look superlatively clean. They are also highly resistant to all disinfectants. They are easier to clean than stainless steel structures and they dispense with the disadvantages of solid-core or laminated wooden panels, i.e. when damaged or worn, no particulate can get released, nor can any areas be created for pathogens to grow. Which means that you are always on the safe side with PETEK.
SitOvers (transition benches) from PETEK: Simple and good – simply good!

  • adapted to suit requirements and made-to-measure
  • flexible usage
  • easy to clean
  • clean, elegant look
  • resistent to solvents and chemicals

Dispenser system

Clearly arranged, clean, practical

Dispenser systems from PETEK for the healthcare industry and other applications where purity and cleanliness are essential: For gloves, head covers, face masks and many other items, we here at PETEK can provide bespoke solutions produced in-house for dispenser systems that are based upon your requirements and your preferred packaging sizes.

These are produced from the optimum material, white polypropylene (PP) and can be supplied as individual dispensers or in space-saving combinations, e.g. as a dispenser tower with a PETEK SitOver.

With dispenser systems from PETEK, you are equipped in the best and most comprehensive way:

  • optimum supply and overview
  • modular, flexible, interchangeable and adaptable
  • easy to clean and desinfect

Sink units

hygiene for the hands

Personal hygiene has an important role to play when working in cleanrooms and for product protection. The contact-free handwash sink units from PETEK are the best option for use in our personnel security gate. Through individual adaptation and a vast range of different versions, for example as niche or as multiple sink units, these units can be used to great effect even in confined spaces or for retrofit purposes.

Here at PETEK, we manufacture all of these in-house, as well as our security gate furniture items, all from the optimum material which is white polypropylene, to which we can add appropriate accessories to suit your requirements and wishes.

Sink units from PETEK: Cleanliness and hygiene for work in cleanrooms:

  • easy to clean
  • wall-mounted or free standing
  • available with lifting systems or boilers
  • integration of other accessories is possible


perfectly tidy at all times

We at PETEK offer you the ability to design the changing area in your personnel security gate entirely in accordance with your wishes. As with our cloakroom solutions, these can be open areas with hooks, cloakroom rods, cabinets or other systems. Here we of course also ensure that cleanroom clothing is kept entirely separate from factory or grey room clothing.

The individually adapted solutions from PETEK, produced in-house to suit the individual requirements of our customers, guarantee optimum utilisation, even when the available space is restricted.
Cloakrooms for your cleanroom – naturally from PETEK:

  • made-to-measure
  • fully ventilated, open or as a cabinet
  • various equipment options