Laminar Flow Module

Highly capable and efficient

A critical area for the production of plastic items is the tool installation area. The PETEK concept is a highly-capable and efficient one: Instead of assembling the entire machine in a cleanroom, with our laminar flow modules, we provide you with an inexpensive and optimum solution.
In contrast to standard LF modules, our LMPs provide virtually total filter coverage. This assures optimum particulate reduction during an injection moulding process. With our in-house designs with fixed mounting and connection elements, and in contrast to curtain and tent solutions, this assures optimum throughflow and cleanability, reliably and continuously.
Here are the benefits of laminar flow modules from PETEK at a glance:

  • produced for every type of machine in accordance with your specifications
  • optimum throughflow and cleanroom class
  • ease of access for tool changes
  • power-saving LED lighting

Are you interested in these PETEK laminar flow modules, or would you like to talk about a bespoke solution for cleanrooms in your production infrastructure? If so, the best thing to do is to contact us directly and we shall be pleased to advise you.

Laminar Flow Box

Flexible and low-maintenance

Laminar flow boxes from PETEK deliver defined areas with filtered cleanroom air, flushing out particulate and protecting your product from contamination. Our polypropylene (PP) products are all manufactured in-house and are available for a very wide and varied range of applications, either for adapted, full-area laminar cross-surface airflow or the targeted supply of sections of plant with a high-grade filtered source of air with optional cooling. PP (polypropylene) material provides robust and durable solutions with superlative cleaning properties.

Laminar flow boxes from PETEK carry conviction right across the board:

  • suitable for a hugely diverse range of applications
  • easy to clean, low-maintenance
  • ultimate air purity

Are you interested in PETEK laminar flow boxes or would you like to talk about a bespoke solution for cleanrooms in your production infrastructure? If so, the best thing to do is to contact us directly and we shall be pleased to advise you.

Dust protection hood

Targeted protection from dust and dirt

Depending on the application, production process and product, protection from dust and dirt can be achieved right from the outset with a made-to-measure dust protection hood. With our in-house design and production facilities, we are able to protect open production areas from dust and dirt in a targeted manner. 

PETEK dust protection hoods are often used to direct extremely dehumidified air into the sealed tool area, preventing the formation of condensation on the cooled tool.

Here is a summary of the advantages of PETEK dust protection hoods:

  • individually adapted for optimum accessibility
  • possible to retrofit cleanroom components
  • climate control and intake air-conditioning are easy to implement
  • can be implemented comparatively quickly and cost-effectively

Are you interested in dust protection hoods from PETEK? We shall be pleased to offer you a made-to-measure, space-saving solution that also assures accessibility to all of the important components on the machine.

Cleanroom for IML/IMD

(In-Mould-Labeling, In-Mould-Decoration)

We here at PETEK follow the principle for our customers of only equipping genuinely process-critical areas with cleanroom technology – enabling us to offer an optimum and cost-effective solution in technical operation terms. In-Mould-Labelling and In-Mould-Decoration respectively are surface enhancement processes in the plastic injection moulding and mould-building sector and are for example used in packaging technology. Here, the required level of cleanliness and the associated requirements on cleanroom technology need to be based upon the requirements of the end product and on the prevailing production technology.

Our many years of experience and great number of successfully implemented projects enables us to plan and create appropriate solutions that fit in with your individual peripherals, e.g. foil-feed devices, linear handling cells or robot cells.
With PETEK, you are committing to all-round cleanroom competence:

  • many years of experience
  • made-to-measure, cost-optimised solutions
  • end-to-end solutions, including peripherals

With countless successful projects and customers from a vast arrange of different sectors, PETEK is one of the major providers of high-end cleanroom technology. We will be pleased to advise you your specific application and can assemble an individual and made-to-measure package for you.

Mini Environment

Cleanliness for the smallest of areas

Do you only have very small areas in which you wish to install particular production conditions with specialist requirements such as a complete absence of humidity, inert systems or cleanroom conditions? No problem: With the Mini Environment from PETEK you obtain bespoke solutions for the smallest of plant or production segments that are quick to install.

With PETEK at your side, you can rely upon our experience from many successful customer projects in the Mini Environment sector:

  • individually designed
  • quick to install
  • taking account of other peripherals
  • different conditions (dry, inert, cleanroom) can be established

Zero-air generator

Efficient and cost-effective

Zero-air generators are devices that provide air filtered to an ultimate extent (known as zero air, almost entirely free of hydrocarbons) for the supply of air to defined devices, mostly in the form of hose connections.
These devices usually use compressed air and this is expensive and comparatively energy-intensive. In this respect, zero-air generators from PETEK are a great deal more resource-efficient because they only need to have a 230V mains connection.
Therefore: Equip yourself with the proven and efficient zero-air generators from PETEK:

  • highly capable
  • broad range of applications
  • efficient
  • quick to implement

LF solutions for machines & systems

Perfectly integrated in your infrastructure

In close collaboration with plant and machine manufacturers, PETEK develops made-to-measure covers with integrated laminar flow solutions (LF). This enables our customers to achieve optimum results in terms of cleanliness and through-flow.

LF solutions from PETEK are therefore matched precisely to the individual production infrastructure of each customer and to the processing operations involved. All of our production and design are conducted in-house so you can benefit from lean processes and from our many years of experience in the industrial cleanroom technology sector.

Do you have a laminar flow requirement for your plant or machine? If so, you should get in touch with us directly. Together, we shall find an appropriate and optimum solution for you, one that combines cleanliness with efficiency and safety.

Place your confidence in the expertise of PETEK, the experienced specialist for made-to-measure cleanroom technology.