Robot cell and automation cell

For cleanliness in automated processes

In the robotics and automation sector, safety is as important a topic as cleanliness. Protective enclosures from PETEK are a perfect answer to this since every cleanroom solution in this sector needs to be tailored precisely to each individual production sequence and to the level of automation involved. Protective enclosures from PETEK have already been implemented for a very wide range of different robot systems for manufacturers such as Stäubli, KUKA, Fanuc, Engel and ABB.

With our in-house design and production, all to the highest standards of quality and safety, we here at PETEK are also able to create complex and compact production cells in accordance with your specific requirements. Here is what PETEK can contribute to robotics and automation:

  • safe and compact processes
  • optimum integration
  • great availability
  • process monitoring and process reliability

Separating line / Reject line

Clean and economical with materials

The bespoke lines developed by PETEK are designed and produced as made-to-measure units for your specific application and production machine. The biggest advantage lies in the type of polypropylene material we use. This is resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants, and also facilitates separation that is economical with materials.

PETEK can provide separating lines with up to five paths (good parts, bad parts, sprue, box distributors, QA shaft). The control unit is adapted to suit your existing machine controller, or is fully programmable. Here, you can be confident of many benefits:

  • performance range, from 2 – 5 paths
  • separation, economical with materials
  • fully programmable if needed
  • special solutions such as a drawer for QA parts with viewing window
  • produced to individual needs and dimensions

Cleanroom transport system

For tidy production operations

As experienced cleanroom experts, we at PETEK know this: A cleanroom concept is not truly safe until the entire string of processes up to packaging or storage of products takes place under controlled conditions.
The aim here is to assure the supply of materials and raw materials as well as the onward transport of products in a defined, clean environment, and to protect the products from damage. Also, criteria such as cavity separation, product intermingling, zone concept or the possibility of cross-contamination need to be taken into account and, where applicable, eliminated altogether in a reliable way.

We here at PETEK will be pleased to advise you on the selection of the correct transport system for your application. It is also possible to equip your existing systems to make them cleanroom-compatible. PETEK will also be pleased to assist you in all matters relating to clean transport operations such as:

  • conveyor belts
  • cup units
  • linear systems
  • robot technology

Storage systems with cavity separation

Safe, clean, transparent

When employing reusable tools in production, it is often essential and advisable to work with storage systems separated by cavities. This is especially important for critical parts for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Corresponding systems from PETEK offer the advantage of quality assurance and traceability. Also, production can be maintained even if one or more cavities are damaged because it is possible to separate the
defective parts reliably.

Draw on PETEK’s many years of expertise in the planning and implementation of appropriate storage systems and benefit from many advantages:

  • tailored to suit your requirements
  • safe and compact systems
  • storage that is economical with materials and uses space to an optimum
  • bespoke production is possible

Cleanroom buffer station

Light and resilient

Buffer and also storage stations from PETEK are used for the fully automated filling of containers and for intermediate storage, especially for unmanned operations. Storage here can take the form of any desired container, or at the final packaging stage. All designs manufactured by PETEK are optimised for processes and available space and can if necessary also have cavity separation. With our modern technologies, especially the containers made of polypropylene (PP), we create lightweight and very resilient systems with the highest levels of chemical resistance to commonly used cleaning agents and disinfectants. PETEK buffer stations deliver benefits on many levels:

  • tailored to suit your needs
  • material-conserving and space-optimised
  • optional cavity separation
  • buffer storage for unmanned operation