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Personnel security gate

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From manual to automatic

Cleanroom security gates constitute a connection between cleanroom and external environment. Optimum planning is required to protect product-related, critical areas safely from contamination from people and materials. Thanks to its many years of experience, PETEK is able to implement carefully considered concepts that satisfy your requirements – individual, reliable, efficient. Our portfolio comprises fully equipped personnel security gates, from manual to fully automatic. PETEK is therefore an experienced partner for a large number of production and manufacturing processes in a vast array of different sectors.

The PETEK ranges of services for personnel security gates (and for material security gates) in a cleanroom context:

  • rotating and sample security gates
  • security gates for materials and people
  • from manual to automatic
  • produced to suit your individual requirements

Here at PETEK, we are always pleased to meet you for a consulting session. This enables us to find a suitable solution for you requirements in relation to personnel security gates, and for the corresponding cleanroom concept.