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Controlled area

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Controlled area

In sterile rooms (and in grey rooms), product contamination is reduced to a defined extent. For example, VDA 19 and ISO 16232 stipulate the residual contamination requirements in relation to technical cleanliness (TecSa) and purity level (SaS) that need to be satisfied.

In terms of its basic structure, a controlled area is no different from other cleanrooms (such as Technical Cleanrooms) in which the number of airborne particles is reduced by filtering the intake air.

However, sterile rooms must be classified in the lower classes of cleanroom. This means that the purity requirements are not as stringent as they are in, for example, medical cleanrooms. This greatly reduces the construction cost of a cleanroom.

Based on these standards, we would be pleased to provide you with a made-to-measure solution:

  • inexpensive controlled area, produced to your requirements
  • segregated cleanliness-oriented areas
  • a choice of various equipment options for the controlled area

If you have any questions about which requirements apply to your sector, you are best to contact us directly. As experienced cleanroom experts, we here at PETEK are always pleased to assist you. Here at PETEK, we are always pleased to meet you for a consulting session. That is how we can find a solution for your controlled area that matches your requirements perfectly.